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Aerial Photography Services

Aerial Photography is our passion and expertise bringing you over 25 years experience riding the leading edge of digital technology. Our Team of professionals can handle any task large or small. Patrons of Eye In The Sky Photography enjoy nothing short of perfection.

Aerial Photography Ontario
  • National Custom Flights: Do you have multiple sites nationally? Look no further, we have researched and developed a national certified team of professional aerial photographers that are ready to service and handle all of your national property interests. Centralizing through us can take the headache out of dealing with multiple accounts from province to province, saving you time and money. Call us today for details.
  • Custom Flights: This service is our Cadillac service. It is a pre-arranged photo flight to capture the perfect shot set up by the client. Ideal for truck fleets, car dealers, family reunions, special events etc.
  • Economy Flights: This service is offered to those that do not need notification and can be tied in with other photo flights in your area.
  • Shared Photo Flights: Share the cost of the photo flight. Ideal for cottage associations, realtors, friends and family with several lands, homes or farms in a relatively close proximity.
  • Commercial Photo Flights: This service is for patrons that have multiple local or national sites. Ideal for development companies with several locations that can be flown in one or more flight sessions. If you have national interests with multiple sites then look no further. Our national team of professional partners will bring consistent quality to all your needs. Saving you time and money.
  • Vertical Imagery Flights: Ortho vertical images are an invaluable tool for surveys, aggregate inventory, subdivisions and mapping.Our team is ready to go and can capture current orthophotos of large or small sites. Preplanned flight lines will be negotiated based on ones specifications.
  • Mosaics will be provided in high resolution JPG, TIFF and PSD files.

Event Photography We capture the action and hidden moments that happen at a special event. We have covered events such as ski races, automotive flea markets, white water rafting races, truck shows etc.

Aerial Photography Ontario
  • Aerial Photography: This is a unique way to cover an event. It can provide valuable information such as attendance, parking issues overflow, congestion, helping to resolve problem areas and determine the overall success.
Aerial Photography Ontario

Panoramas and Wall Murals Perfect for someone with a large empty wall space. Why not fill it with a beautiful panoramic image?

Graphic Design From concept to completion we can create the ideal promotional product that suits your companies needs.

  • Calendars
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Signs
  • Montages

Digital Photo Enhancement and Editing When is it ever the exact right time for aerial photography? It’s guaranteed that there will be unsightly landscapes, wires, poles, unfinished construction, unpainted roofs, burnt grass and people. When we are finished enhancing and retouching the final image, be assured that we will  maximize the look and feel of the final product. Finished Products range from:

  • high quality prints
  • professional frames
  • giclee
  • canvas
  • plak mounts

All finished products are customized to suit your decor


In the quieter months for aerial photography, Herman embraces the photography of another one of his hobbies, skiing. Since 2002 Herman has adorned every slope on the Collingwood Escarpment. He has captured the personal signatures, technical performance and Wow’s of almost every alpine ski racer in the Ontario province to date. He has elevated the sport’s profile, and is the Official Photographer for Alpine Ontario.

Herman continues to perfect his photography in all aspects and you can expect the best when choosing Eye In The Sky Photography to complete your aerial photography needs. Eye In The Sky truly offers a point of view like no other.

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