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Our older daughter, Carolyn, had the fabulous idea to contact you about this unique gift for us, and she told us how very accommodating you were with her in arranging for the photo-taking of our home and about her whole experience with you throughout the entire process.

We both still can’t get over the quality of the photos with regard to clarity and colour and details shown from various angles. The angle of the one photo gives such an accurate comparison to the photo taken nearly twenty years ago and the changes are certainly quite dramatic.
When we first came here in 1973, there were only three trees on our property, and so the numerous small trees planted in stages since then are all now mature, and it’s such fun to see all these changes from the aerial perspective.

We both wish to thank you for not only giving us such a special gift we both treasure, but also for taking the time and care to explain the options so well with our daughter, Carolyn.
We are very happy to know that you made the planning of this surprise such a pleasant one and will highly recommend you and your services to others.

Mary Elizabeth and Ron M.

I called Herman with a (crazy?) gift idea for my husband….to video him and a friend mountain biking in the forest. Herman shared my excitement about the idea and produced a fun, energetic, visually lovely, and professional short film narrative about two buddies having a blast on their bikes. He captured the spirit of mountain biking as well as the beauty of the setting. With the variety of camera angles and upbeat soundtrack, it’s tough not to crack a smile when you watch it. This is going to be an impossible gift to top! Many thanks to Herman and his crew for being so great to work with from the Initial inquiry to the final edit. You have created a special memory.

Colleen A.

Recently I had Eye in the Sky take some aerial photos of our property. It was to be a Christmas gift for my wife. It was the highlight of her un-wrapping. The pictures were beautiful. Herman explained exactly to me how to outline using google maps the areas I wanted taken. There were multiple photos including angles, and heights for me to choose from. Herman offered to sit with me and crop any photos that I wanted changed. I didn’t change any of them. This is a very professional company and a must if you want serious, beautiful aerial photography. I was very impressed as is everybody that sees the pictures of our property taken in such care. I highly recommend this company for just that. Thank you again Eye in the Sky.

Johnstones Music Land

Nice work. Good photography. His panoramic is amazing.

Don W.

Eye in the Sky does amazing work! So happy with the outcome. I also received helpful advice to improve my own personal photography. Cant wait to use them for another project!

Lindy D.

Eye in the Sky Photography is the best choice for professional aerial work. Not only have I seen the work first-hand, but as a professional photographer myself I can give my complete recommendation to their services. Herman Koeslag and the team have not only accomplished the near-impossible on a number of occasions, but they will happily entertain even the most modest of requests for aerial photography.

On the many occasions that our paths have crossed, I have been met with professionalism and enthusiasm beyond my expectations. This is a glowing five-star review, which I do not give lightly. I understand “attention to detail” better than most professionals in any visual industry, and Eye in the Sky Photography hits a home run every time. Give them a call.

Don K.

I have been working with Herman for a couple of years and have referred him to several of my clients. I met him originally through Future Air at Lake Simcoe Regional but I had seen his work at Bayfield Mall as well as a few other places around town. Be sure to contact him for reasonable and professional aerial photos!

Alex C.

Wonderful services!!!!!!! For best professional work just go for it!!!!

Karamdeep S.