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Herman Koeslag Biography

Herman Koeslag grew up as a resident of Barrie, ON  with a love for aviation, model aviation, skiing and photography. He was one of the founding members of the Huronia Radio Control Club in the mid 1970’s and you could catch him tinkering with his latest and greatest camera equipment!

Herman sold his first aerial photograph to a farmer in 1981 in Drayton, Ontario as a sales representative for a major aerial photography company in Southern Ontario. His strong foundation and knowledge base in aerial photography was due to his well rounded experience with the company providing a variety of photographic products for local farmers to CEO’s of commercial enterprises. For 10 years he acquired a knack for the tricks of the trade, including camera technology and aviation techniques.

Herman began to realize that even though door to door sales were immediately gratifying, he was missing the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with perspective clients. He then decided to combine his passions to create Eye In The Sky Custom Aerial Photography in 1995. Eye In The Sky was one of the first companies to provide a complete aerial photography service with the inclusion of model aviation as one of his main photography platforms. His helicam, complete with a professional 35mm camera was the predecessor of today’s drones.

Over the years, one client at a time, Eye In The Sky grew and gained a strong reputation among a variety of large and small clients to be able to develop strategies to produce high quality aerial images to meet their diverse specifications and deadlines. Today Herman services clients across the GTA, Southern Ontario and across the Nation.

In the quieter months for aerial photography, Herman embraces the photography of another one of his hobbies, skiing. Since 2002 Herman has adorned every slope on the Collingwood Escarpment. He has captured the personal signatures, technical performance and Wow’s of almost every alpine ski racer in the Ontario province to date and he has elevated the sport’s profile in Ontario.

Herman continues to perfect his photography in all aspects and you can expect the best when choosing Eye In The Sky Photography to complete your aerial photography needs. Eye In The Sky truly offers a point of view like no other.

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