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Toronto Drone Photography

Drone Aerial Photography for Barrie and Toronto: Eye in the Sky photography always uses the latest technology when operating our UAVs. Our professional and advanced UAVs take to the sky and can capture your video in 4k or 1080p. Our pilots have years of experience and can fly up to 2 kilometers away and have complete control over the drone and a remote control, with a wide HD view of everything. Toronto drone photography can be challenging due to the number of obstructions and controlled airspace, please contact us to inquire about your project and we would be happy to provide a site survey and estimate for you.

We can open doors to new possibilities in aerial photography and cinematography. The videos below are just a small sample of what we can do. Now Imagine what we can do for your business today!

We Have The Experience.

Herman Koeslag of Eye In The Sky Photography was one of the first entrepreneurs to base his aerial photography business on UAV technology in 1995. (UAV is the acronym for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, more commonly referred to as “drones”) With Herman’s 28 years of experience in aerial photography his business has grown to be very successful with a client base nation wide. Eye in the Sky uses both drones and helicopters to achieve the best photos and videos possible, regardless of the location, weather conditions and potential airspace restrictions. Our veteran pilots are some of the best in the business with 1000’s of hours in their craft.

Eye in the Sky doesn’t just do high resolution aerial photography, we are also experienced experts at aerial video, capturing smooth seamless video that looks great whether you are marketing real estate, industrial/commercial buildings, events, construction process, solar farms and countless more applications.