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Road and Corridor Mapping

Road Corridor MappingEye in the Sky can provide a variety of options for road and corridor photography of your construction sites. We can survey and document the site and the surrounding areas, including right of ways, municipal roads and private residences. Road and corridor mapping can be done at regular intervals to secure the data you and your stakeholders need to complete the job.

Road and corridor photography and mapping can include both aerial photography and aerial video as well as traditional video captured at up to 60 frames per second from a vehicle mounted camera or be used in combination with drone video.

We can also provide site progress surveys to identify key milestones and to reports progress to the management teams achieving resolutions up to 2 CM per pixel and the resulting imagery can be delivered in a variety of formats to be compatible with Google Earth, Autocad Applications, ARCGIS and more.

A crucial aspect of any construction project is proper monitoring and follow-up on progress made.  As much as you want the set goals achieved in the stated time, you also need to consider having excellent Construction Progress Photography Ontario by your side.

If having good aerial footage and photos for your ongoing projects was a headache before, those times are over with Eye in The Sky.

When you hire a Construction Progress Photography company like Eye in the Sky to provide expert input, two things will be settled. First, you will be able to manage your resources and meet your goals with the insights you. You will also keep your investors assured of the viability of their investments.

In addition, Eye in the Sky provides road and corridor mapping, and road and corridor survey services. With our experts, you get only the best results.

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