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Barrie From A Birds Eye View

Anyone looking up over the bay last Friday may have noticed a helicopter hovering and rotating at the same time, that was Eye In The Sky Photography getting another perfect 360 degree view of Barrie.

Aerial Photographer Barrie

It’s been over 8 years, 2010, since Herman Koeslag of Eye In The Sky Photography has taken a 360 degree view of Barrie and the surrounding area, and with all of the changes to the downtown area and waterfront he decided it was time to update our photo album.

Barrie surrounds the picturesque Kempenfelt Bay, which makes Barrie geographically perfect for this 360 degree image. By hovering over the center of the bay we are able to capture every aspect of the city. Working with Marcus Vogel & his team from Big Blue Air in Collingwood as well as the perfect weather conditions given to us last Friday; Herman has developed some astounding photos for everyone to enjoy.

The link below is for everyone to enjoy, a full 246,868,720MP photo of Barrie, Ontario.

Check out our website for a look at our latest work, including a 2X as detailed photo of downtown Barrie coming soon!